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About Us

Wolf Auto Parts is located at 127 6th St S. in Waverly, Minnesota and is owned and operated by Bob and Jesse Wolf (Father and Son). We are a retailer specializing in new and recycled Audi parts.

We pride ourselves in being part of our local community as well as the world wide Audi community. 

We were founded in 2010 with just an idea, an open garage and some ambition. We have come a long way from its beginnings in a small home garage. We now have a 15,000 sq ft warehouse and serve customers all over the World, and are thrilled to be a part of this VAG community.

One thing that we do that separates us from other "typical" salvage yard is that we remove every part from the cars we take in. It is then inspected and cleaned before being listed for sale. We also implement many technologies (ACES, EPC, MVL, VIN Decoding, etc) to make sure you get the correct part that fits your vehicle.

We are constantly trying to improve our role in the Audi community by offering the best products and information we can.

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Bob Wolf / Jesse Wolf